What to


Note:   We supply all rods,  reels, lures, baits,


1. Where is the boat located? 

-The boat is located at Yacht Basin Marina.  1866 Ottawa beach road Holland Mi 49424.  SLIP D-1


2. How many people may we bring?

-All charter boats may carry up to 6 customers, NO MORE!  This is not including captain and crew. Everybody that you bring counts towards a headcount even if they are not fishing.  THIS IS DUE TO SAFETY GEAR ON BOARD and Coast guard rules!

3. How do I pay?

You may pay with a credit card on this website CLICK HERE, or pay cash at the time of our trip.

A $100 deposit must be made by credit card if you plan on paying with cash at the time of our trip.

4. What is a customary charter tip​?

A customary tip for the crew is usually 20% of the trips price and very much appreciated​.

5. Is Marajuana allowed on the boat?

Coast guard rules    -   NOT in any form is this allowed.  If we see it we will be forced to cancel the trip early.  No refunds!

6.  Do we need to bring any rods, reels, tackle, or bait?

No, we supply all equipment and bait needed for a successful trip.

7.  Do you clean our fish?

Yes we will clean and package your fish, you just need to bring ice to keep your fish cold on your trip home.


1. Fishing License.             

-Any angler 17 and up is required to have a valid state of Michigan all species  fishing  license.  These can be purchased online or at any sporting goods store, Meijer, or  Walmart. 

2. Food or drink 

- Bring what ever you want to eat or drink  in smaller 6 pack coolers to save deck space for fighting fish.  - Alcohol is permitted but we ask you drink in a responsible manor and in aluminum cans.  No glass please. 

3.  No Work Boots

-Soft soled non marking shoes are the best.  Please do not wear anything  that could leave marks, rip vinyl seats, or cause damage to the vessel.  If you wear shoes that could damage the boat, you will be asked to remove or change them before the excursion can start.

4. Cooler  

-Bring a larger cooler to keep in your vehicle until we get back from our trip to transport your cleaned fish home. you may bring your smaller 6 pack size coolers to the boat to keep you food and drinks cold.

5. Sea sickness  medication

-If you are unsure about sea sickness it is our recommendation to take medication a half hour before getting on the boat



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